Schools in Mertacity - (Nagaur)

List of the Clusters in Mertacity Block, District Nagaur

Schools in Mertacity Block - Nagaur

List of 40 Clusters in Mertacity - Nagaur

Mertacity is a block in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan which is having about 40 Cluster in it. All the Govt. and Private schools of the Mertacity block are divided into to different clusters of the schools. Here is List of all the States and Union Territories in India. all the blocks in the District and then a School List in the Block.

Sr. No. List of the Clusters in Mertacity Block, District Nagaur
1 Schools in B.K.D.(GUPS TADO KI DHA) Cluster
2 Schools in BADGAON(GGUPS BADGAON) Cluster
3 Schools in BASNI SEJA(GGUPS BASNI S) Cluster
4 Schools in BEETAN(GUPS BEETAN) Cluster
5 Schools in CHHAPRI (GUPS KUMPDAS) Cluster
6 Schools in DABARIYANI(GUPS JAOLI) Cluster
8 Schools in DANGAWAS(GUPS DANGA.) Cluster
9 Schools in DATANI (GGUPS DATANI) Cluster
10 Schools in DHANDHLAS(GGUPS) Cluster
11 Schools in DHAWA(GUPS BASNI NETA) Cluster
12 Schools in GAGRANA(GUPS BAYAD) Cluster
13 Schools in GANTHIYA(GUPS DADASNI) Cluster
14 Schools in GOTAN(GUPS GOTAN ST.) Cluster
15 Schools in HARSOLAW(GGUPS HARSOLAW) Cluster
16 Schools in INDAWAD(GUPS SEKHASANI) Cluster
17 Schools in JARODA (GUPS JARODA K) Cluster
18 Schools in KAD KI DHANI(GUPS SANG.) Cluster
19 Schools in KALRU (GGUPS KALRU) Cluster
20 Schools in KATYASNI (GGUPS KAT.) Cluster
21 Schools in KHAKHARKI(GGUPS) Cluster
22 Schools in KHEDULI (GUPS LAI) Cluster
23 Schools in KURADAYA(GGUPS KURDAYA) Cluster
24 Schools in LAMBA (GUPS INDOKI.) Cluster
25 Schools in MERTA ROAD (GUPS MERTA RO) Cluster
26 Schools in MOKALPUR(GUPS MALI. KI D) Cluster
27 Schools in MORARA(GUPS PHARASPURA) Cluster
28 Schools in NETDIYA(GUPS SHYAMPURA) Cluster
29 Schools in NOKHA CHANDAWAT (GPS NOKH.) Cluster
30 Schools in NP MERTACITY(GUPS NO.2) Cluster
31 Schools in NP_MERTACITY(GUPS NO.2) Cluster
32 Schools in OLADAN(GSS DESWAL) Cluster
33 Schools in POONDLU (GGUPS PUNDLU) Cluster
34 Schools in REN (GUPS PANCHKUTA KI D) Cluster
35 Schools in RIYAN SYAM(GUPS BAKLIYAS) Cluster
36 Schools in ROL CHANDAWATA(GSS SHIV) Cluster
37 Schools in SATLAWAS(GPS SATLAWAS) Cluster
38 Schools in SOGAWAS (GUPS MEGADAND) Cluster
39 Schools in TALANPUR(GUPS BADABAS) Cluster
40 Schools in TUNKLIYA(GUPS RAMNAGAR) Cluster