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Clusters in Tamia Block (Chhindwara)

Sr. No. Name of the clusters in Tamia block of Chhindwara district (Madhya Pradesh)
1 Schools in GHSS TAMIA Cluster
2 Schools in HS BAMHNI Cluster
3 Schools in HS KURSHIDHANA Cluster
4 Schools in HSS CHAWALPANI Cluster
5 Schools in HSS CHINDI Cluster
6 Schools in HSS DELAKHARI Cluster
7 Schools in HSS JAITPUR Cluster
8 Schools in HSS JHIRPA Cluster
9 Schools in HSS LEHGADUA Cluster
10 Schools in HSS NAGRI Cluster

List of Schools in Tamia Block District Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh)

Tamia is having about 10 clusters in its Block.

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List of schools in Tamia